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Youth Development Project

AL-Muwatta in conjunction with The Tickhill Centre also provides a comprehensive set of activities and programmes for young people aged 8 upwards.

This service can be accessed through our Youth Development Programme. The programme is committed and dedicated to ensuring that young people frequently participating in the provision are able to engage in a variety of quality support activities to benefit their personal and social development.

Young people attending our Youth Development Programme will be able to develop themselves positively by attending our day to day provision which involves learning through experience about self, others and society with the aim of empowering and inspiring individuals to take on active roles in their communities, preparing individuals to become positive role models for the next generation of youth approaching our societies.

Our provision has currently the following programmes/ activities in place:
 Homework Support Club – The HSC has been set up to encourage and motivate young people to aim for higher academic achievements. Although we work with young people of all academic levels we particularly focus on young people who are achieving not so well in education in order to help boost self- confidence in subjects they are lacking in most.

 Training and issue based workshops- This can range from health related issue, citizenship, personal development, crime, gender, training and employment and many more. Young people are able to come along and voice their opinions openly on the matter been discussed. Some of our workshops are facilitated by other organisations and specialist workers. This is to ensure that young people gain the full benefit and understanding of the issue.

 Residential – The aim of organising residential are to give young people the experience and opportunity to have a feel of life away from their normal setting for a set period of time. Individuals learn how to deal with day to day chores and other certain life skills necessary. On the other hand, activities organised whilst away such as rock climbing, obstacle courses and kayaking are a way of improving the group’s confidence and team building skills.


Recreation and Physical Activities

AL-Muwatta Institute encourages children to be actively involved in recreational activities. Recreation is an essential part of development. We believe through recreation, children improve their physical health, emotional equilibrium and learn constructive social relation.

The children’s physical and mental health has become an increasing concern in our society due to challenging contemporary lifestyle. Researchers in this field referred to their inactive state as the “Battery child Syndrome; they are more likely to be timid, socially inept, self centred, physically unfit and lacking in resilience and self esteem. In light of the growing concerns AL-Muwatta Institute provides series of activities which are essential for growing fit and healthy.

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