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Parents Consultation Slots

Parents Consultation & Result Time Slots

Exam Timetable

Please note that the Nursery Class is now closed and will resume on Saturday 1st July 2017 at normal times of 2pm-3:30pm. Timetables: TIME TABLE 2017 REC, YR 1,2 3 TIME TABLE 2017 YR 4,5,6,7

Winter Holidays 2014 (December)

To view the December Holiday Letter, please click the link below. Winter Holidays 2014

Parent Consultation Slots

Here are your parent consultation slots.  Please ensure you take full details of the time slot you have been allocated. Please click on download Parents One to One 2014

Affects of Smoking

Al Muwatta with Loughborough University carry out a workshop on the affects of smoking between the 12th- 27th July 2014.  Children actively get involved in a survey in their own communities and giving a feedback to the rest of the group.

Register for your child’s place early

Register for your child’s place early otherwise we cannot garantee a student place.

An- Nur Nasheed Live Performance

An-Nur Nasheed live performance